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Brochure Printing

Yes, you can possibly put together a printed product all on your own. But a brochure that really dazzles? That’s another story.

You might have learned enough about unique brochure design, but can you make it stand out? Here at FA Daniels, we know the difference between a good brochure and a great brochure—and we prefer the latter, for that matter.

Whatever type of business or organization you are involved in, brochures are the most effective way of generating awareness and reaching target customers. Whether it is a 4, 3 or 2 panel printing, brochures allow you to convey your message in portable pieces for handing out, and convenient mailing. You can even use larger tri-fold brochures to fit expanded messages and display bolder graphics. Your business can take full advantage of our brochure printing and design services because we offer:

  • A range of brochure sizes.
  • Digital printing and cutting at its sharpest and most accurate.
  • Various folding options.
  • Archived artwork.
  • Low volume and short-run digital printing.

Benefits of Brochures for Marketing

Brochures provide balance for features and details. If you plan to make your business create a big impact in a concise way, brochure is the answer. It gives you enough space to get your message across, support your claims, answer questions, etc. Here are some benefits a brochure can do for your business.

1. Credibility - People expect printed sales brochures from real companies. It’s easy to spend $50 on business cards and letterheads and call yourself a company, but if you really want to look like you mean business, have a brochure printed out.
2. Personal Touch – a brochure adds a personal touch to your marketing. Although you can just direct people to your website, it is different when they have something to take home and read in their leisure. Brochures tell customers what your products/services can do for them and why they should purchase.

Here are some tips for your brochure marketing:

1. Understand your audience. Before you decide on the design of the brochure, ask yourself these questions: Why would your audience want to buy your product? What can you do for them and how can the brochure help in solving issues? If you are not sure how to answer these questions, talk to your salespeople as well as your customers. Use their answers to decide how the brochure can benefit not just your business but your customers altogether.

2. Plan according to AIDA. No, that is not the name of your favorite teacher. The acronym stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. To be an effective marketing tool, the brochure has to be able to get attention from customers, get them interested to read on, make them desire for the service/product, and further take a specific action to call, buy, make an appointment or respond to the advertisement in any way.

3. Plan out your list. A brochure usually features a list of products and services, (unless you are using it for other purposes such as manuals). As a general rule, marketing dictates that the content should be 40/40/20, which means 40 percent for the quality of the list, 40 percent for the quality of the offer, and 20 percent for everything else, which includes the copy and the design.

4. Do not tell—SELL. Do not just tell prospective clients about your services/products. Sell it to them. Get their attention and focus on the benefits of buying from your business.

5. Provide a visible call to action. Tell your potential clients what to do after reading a copy of your brochure. Once you have raised people’s interest in what you sell, you have to make it clear to them what they need to do next. Never assume that your customers will look for a phone number—make it easy for them to respond. Make sure that your phone number, business name, website URL, email address or any form of communication can be easily found in the brochure. If you fail to do this, your would-be customers may call another merchant or service provider.

6. Give them reason to act right now. It’s now or never. Once you have gotten the attention, built interest and desire, the best time to act is now. Otherwise, the client may change his mind any minute. The customer will move on to the next thing he or she is doing, and forget entirely about your business. Give them an offer that is hard to resist—a special product offer, a free gift, or a rebate for a purchase on a specific date. You may also emphasize that that the quantities are limited (only if they really are) or that the prices may increase within a specific period.

Creating a great brochure that will be able to deliver a big return of investment for your business can be difficult to do, but it is not impossible. After all, brochures won’t be as much of a popular marketing material if it has done nothing for big businesses today. You can use your own brochure marketing strategy and apply them in your business marketing campaigns.

Contact us today at 800-454-5414 and let’s get started with your brochure printing project!

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